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Shani Call

If you are into alternative healing or if you have an unsolved issue and never thought of alternative healing I highly recommend talking to Steven. He is a game changer!! After a few visits I feel like a new woman!


Doc has over 35 years of proven experience and has helped thousands of patients resolve their aliments.
Here are just a few outstanding reviews!


I feel way better now. Can sleep. Great job. Recommend highly

Went for back problems, high blood pressure and joint pain. He was able to find solutions to all my problems ! He is amazing !

Steven is gentle, a great listener, professional and knowledgeable. His”diagnosis” of and cure for my problem was amazing. A must for everyone. I have an MD but go to Steven for my cures.

Steve is amazing. His ability to decipher the issue and treat it is amazing. He deeply cares about helping people and is beyond good. I would go here above any hospital.

If you are into alternative healing or if you have an unsolved issue and never thought of alternative healing I highly recommend talking to Steven. He is a game changer!!

Very professional and soooo informative. I’ve been having tons of headaches with my pregnancy and the adjustment I received was amazing. And the dr is very knowledgeable I will return for more treatment if anything arises.

In 2014, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel. Faced with surgery, I decided to try Doc. After my first visit, I left with natural medicine (i.e. herbs). Since taking them, I have never felt carpal tunnel pain again. I highly recommend this place. This place finds solutions to things modern doctors treat.

Doc is the magic man!! I’ve seen 6 different “traditional”doctors, 4 rounds of physical therapy, pain injections, none of it helped and I was considering hip surgery!! I took a chance and I’m free of pain that had been with me for 3 1/2 years!!! I cried when I woke up pain free. Lol.come see him!

Excellent place to come for relief of pain and many ailments. Doc will surprise you with his knowledge of the human body. I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral neuropathy all over, fibromyalgia and I have spinal stenosis in my neck and back. He has helped me immensely. I feel lucky to have found someone who treats my pain by fixing the problem!

Dr. Blackstone is amazing!!! I call him my guru!!! He has helped me with my back and hip issues, my fibromyalgia and neuropathy and several other issues and when all the other doctors that I’ve been seeing for several years couldn’t answer any questions about my hips, they only said that it was my back and ignored me when I knew it was my hips, he immediately knew what it was and has done unbelievable and much needed work to realign me!! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see him here recently, but I am in dire need to get back in because he makes such a difference and I’m not understanding why insurances don’t cover this beyond amazing non-surgical non-pill therapy and help that you can get by my one truly undescribably blessed doctor!!! ❤️

After 3 1/2 years of DAILY migraines and thousands upon thousands of dollars of doctors bills and a couple of painful chiropractors my wife convinced me to go and at the very least speak with Mr. Blackstone. I agreed to go with every conceivable reservation that “this is a waste of my time”. IT WASN’T. After an hour of manipulating/adjusting my neck, And, also finding that the C3 vertebrae was out of line (something the doctors didn’t find while looking at my MRI), I felt the pain of a level 8 migraine disappear instantaneously. I hadn’t felt any pain for over 3 years and in an instant – no pain. WOW!. I sat down with Mr. Blackstone and naturally asked when do I come back for another session. He told me, get this, never!!! Shocking – obviously. I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. He genuinely believes that he fixed my concern. I honestly believe that he did!…. YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK IT OUT!

Doc has a special talent for healing. I suffered with bladder issues for over 8 years under the care of modern medicine. After one visit with Doc, my bladder was functioning normal! I also have had other ailments, some I was aware of and some I was not, all of which were no problem at all for Doc to take care of. Upon leaving your visit with Doc, you will feel very cared for. I know I do! He is the best in his field for sure.

I’ve got a host of chronic issues the worst of which is unrelenting pain radiating from my midsection down to my knees. My regular MDs and specialists made matters worse by prescribing drugs that created side effects but no real pain relief. After almost a year of pain that I couldn’t stand anymore, Steven was recommended by another friend with difficult to treat medical conditions. After just a few sessions I had relief from the pain that I thought couldn’t be treated. We’re now working on teasing apart my other medical issues. Steven is talented, patient ,and sincerely committed to what he does. So if you have medical issues that don’t fit nicely into the 10 minutes you’re allowed at the MD, you need to go see Steven.

Doc is by far the most helpful and selfless health professional I’ve been to. His service is amazing, he truly wants you to feel better and doesn’t make you feel rushed at all. He worked wonders on my shoulders from an old injury healed wrong. He is very knowledgeable to talk to about all your ailments and concerns! (:

I’ve been suffering for two years with extreme knee pain in both knees, back pain and also plantar fasciitis. I have gone to numerous holistic practitioners and medical doctors and none could relieve the pain. A friend referred me to Dr. Blackstone and I’m so grateful she did. I felt relief after my first appointment. I could walk without limping and the pain was almost gone. I returned for a second appointment and the pain was totally gone. I also recently talked to him about a gallbladder issue that just occurred and he gave me instructions and items to relieve the sharp pain and ache. In two days the pain was gone. It’s such a miracle!! I have other issues that I will now trust Dr. Blackstone with and I truly believe he will be able to help me with these also. I highly recommend Dr. Blackstone for any issue you need.

When I tell my friends about how gifted Steven Blackstone from Sacred Healing Tree is, and they should see him for their chronic and acute ailments, the first question I typically get is, “does he take insurance?” Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t recognize alternative and holistic healers, which I find disturbing since traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around thousands of years before Western medicine.

I experienced a frozen shoulder and went through extremely painful physical therapy twice a week for four months paying a co-pay with each visit. I spent over $700 dollars and many months trying to fix it.

Two years later, I started feeling the stiffness and pain coming back in the same shoulder. I had met Steven and saw him for other treatments when I told him that I wasn’t going back to physical therapy. I asked if he could help me. He relieved my pain with ONE visit and it hasn’t returned. For only $75, I didn’t have to go through that long span of painful treatment again. Does he take insurance? No, but he saved me what could have been over $600 dollars and many months of agony going through physical therapy.
Steven has treated me for various chronic issues, including straightening my hips and back after an injury I received in 1990. I am walking straighter than I have in over 20 years.
I can’t say enough about Steven and his amazing abilities to heal. He truly is a gift from God and I appreciate him more than I can say in a simple review.

I have known Steven for several years and he’s guided me in my fertility process with success along with other things. My son is now almost 2 and I’m 44! I highly recommend him. He’s also awesome in performing body work as well.

Doc’s been a real lifesaver for me. I came to San Antonio last summer from Austin where I’d had decades-long, chronic & debilitating health issues and where I’d finally found a biomechanics genius to get me walking after 10 years of being on crutches. So when I came to SA I knew I needed an expert independent thinker who welcomes challenges. And Doc is that person. He’s who I trust with my health issues in my new home. He’s taken me over the line in walking with no assistance. I ditched my braces and can now put my bare feet to the ground – and move! I also saw a chiropractor in Austin who repeated the same adjustment on my hips for years, and Doc treated it once, and it’s held. In following up on another hip issue, regarding recovery, he said, “I want 100%.” I like this! But Doc does more than just fix bio-mechanical issues. I get his opinion on any doctor-treated issues, because he’ll likely know more about whatever it is. He treats the whole person, mechanically, physiologically and emotionally – with hands, herbs, and insight. Highly recommended. :)

I recommend Steven Blackstone as an Asian Bodywork Therapist accomplished in the healing art of Tuina. I have served as Steven’s instructor, clinic supervisor and consultant on some of his cases. Steven displays abundant capability to accurately diagnose and treat not only orthopaedic ailments but, all manner of illnesses. He is enthusiastic and meticulous in his treatment of children and experienced in Pediatric Tuina. In my opinion, Steven is an undeniable asset to the health care community.

Steven Blackstone has been my choice of bodywork therapists for a long time. I prefer the unique methods he associates with Sacred Healing Tree over many others. I like the flexibility of his techniques and admire his ability to diagnose and treat fluidly at the same time. He can work deeply when necessary without causing pain and there is no pain after. Each of his sessions is different but he still manages to isolate my problem areas and make me feel like new every time. I get regular therapy sessions with Steven because it helps me to manage the cumulative aches and pains caused by the stresses of everyday life. After a session I feel much more relaxed, pain free and ready to deal with everything again. Thank you, Steven.

I highly recommend Steven Blackstone as a therapist for his knowledgeable approach to sports injuries and prevention.

I found the advantages of having a highly trained holistic Asian Bodywork therapy over just plain massage to be great. In my preparation and competition in the Olympics I rely on finding root causes of problems, which can be varied and complex. It helps to have someone on your team with the insight and perspective to unravel injuries and more importantly see them coming and prevent them. While many people may not be familiar with Asian Bodywork and it’s extensive training, it is in high demand amongst top-level athletes who need effective and thorough care.

Steven has been able to help my healing in many different ways. From hernia issues to blood clot elimination. His body work has straightened out my posture.

Steve is amazing. His ability to decipher the issue and treat it is amazing. He deeply cares about helping people and is beyond good. I would go here above any hospital or muscle rehab place.

Steven is gentle, a great listener, professional and knowledgeable. His “diagnosis” of and cure for my problem was amazing. A must for everyone. I have an MD but go to Steven for my cures.

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